PicoFeed The Chronicle of Philanthropy https://philanthropy.com/ 2017-04-24T16:56:04-04:00 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Podcast: How HopeLab Creates Games for Good https://www.philanthropy.com/resources/audio/podcast-how-hopelab-creates-g/6281/ 2017-04-21T09:39:00-04:00 The nonprofit, an offshoot of the Omidyar Network, combines technology, design, and behavioral science to develop innovative and engaging tools for improving children’s health. By Denver Frederick Opinion: What Every Nonprofit Leader Needs to Know About Sexual Violence https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Opinion-What-Every-Nonprofit/239845 2017-04-20T09:39:00-04:00 Organizations working on health, homelessness, juvenile justice, and other social issues need to understand how sexual abuse connects to their mission and how they can help survivors. By Sarah Beaulieu Daily News Roundup: Steve Ballmer Launches Online Trove of Government Data https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Steve/239836 2017-04-19T10:47:00-04:00 Also, the White House sends up a trial ballon on capping the charitable deduction, and Sheryl Sandberg's workplace-equality nonprofit Lean In faces criticism for staying neutral as more professional women protest Trump policies. Daily News Roundup: Universities Pushing Back on Endowment Scrutiny https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-/239819 2017-04-18T10:04:00-04:00 As Congress weighs restrictions on tax exemptions for endowments, well-heeled colleges are adding the issue to their lobbying agenda. Also, how technology unduly dominates a surge in education aid for displaced Syrian children. Nonprofits Mull Prospect of Losing Thousands of AmeriCorps Volunteers https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Nonprofits-Mull-Prospect-of/239815 2017-04-18T08:00:00-04:00 Charities that rely heavily on manpower from the Clinton-era federal program say proposed White House cuts would drastically reduce their ability to provide services and recruit the next generation of leaders. By Eden Stiffman Daily News Roundup: How a Boston Bombing Survivor Pays It Forward https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-How-a/239811 2017-04-17T10:21:00-04:00 Far-flung donor support that helped her recover from injuries suffered in the 2013 attack inspired Brittany Loring to help victims of traumas that receve far less public attention. Also, the Pittsburgh Foundation reaps a Trump bump in giving, and Egypt frees a long-detained American charity worker. Daily News Roundup: GOP Eyes Tax Bill for Johnson Amendment Repeal https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-GOP-Eyes/239803 2017-04-14T10:17:00-04:00 House Republicans are reportedly folding language to end the ban on politicking by charities into larger tax legislation. Also, a Wall Street traditionalist on the Ford Foundation's board embraces impact investing, and opposition recedes to charities holding big galas at President Trump's Florida estate. Podcast: Covering the World of Global Development https://www.philanthropy.com/resources/audio/podcast-covering-the-world-of/6271/ 2017-04-14T08:00:00-04:00 Raj Kumar, editor-in-chief of the media platform Devex, talks about the political, financial, and technological changes shaping the $200 billion international-aid industry. By Denver Frederick Buffett Couple’s Fund to Back Activism by Young Women of Color https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Buffett-Couple-s-Fund-to/239782 2017-04-13T12:02:00-04:00 The NoVo Foundation named building solidarity and combating racism and sexual violence as priorities for $90 million in grant funding it pledged a year ago. By Rebecca Koenig Sheryl Sandberg Starts Website to Help People Facing Adversity https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Sheryl-Sandberg-Starts-Website/239779 2017-04-13T07:17:00-04:00 The Facebook COO’s project provides information on coping with sexual assault, divorce, violence, health problems, incarceration, and other issues. By Maria Di Mento Daily News Roundup: Reporting on Trump's Philanthropy Earns Pulitzer Prize https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Reporting/239762 2017-04-11T09:41:00-04:00 David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post won journalism's most prestigious honor for his dogged tracking last year of the then-candidate's claims about his giving. Also, the head of Oregon's equity-focused Meyer Memorial Trust announces plans to step down. Daily News Roundup: 'I Have a Dream' Education Donor Eugene Lang Dies https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-I-Have-a/239753 2017-04-10T10:08:00-04:00 Mr. Lang famously promised to pay college tuition for a Harlem school's sixth-grade class and later started a charity that helped thousands more students attain higher education. Also, New York State lawmakers drop a plan to reap revenue from university foundations. Immigration and Environment Are Big Themes at Skoll Forum https://www.philanthropy.com/article/ImmigrationEnvironment/239750 2017-04-07T16:06:00-04:00 President Trump’s name was barely spoken at the star-studded event for grant makers, but his long shadow was everywhere. By Marc Gunther Leader Works to Name — and Tame — Grant-Making Risks https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Leader-Works-to-Name-and/239742 2017-04-07T09:31:00-04:00 Maya Winkelstein of the Open Road Alliance is on a mission to get foundations to talk with grantees about project pitfalls and how to avoid them. By Nicole Wallace Podcast: Mellon Foundation Remains a Bulwark for the Humanities https://www.philanthropy.com/resources/audio/podcast-mellon-foundation-rem/6269/ 2017-04-07T09:15:00-04:00 Earl Lewis, the $6 billion grant maker’s president, talks about its mission to strengthen — and, when politically necessary, defend — the liberal arts. By Denver Frederick Coaching Board Members for Advocacy Pays Big Dividends https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Coaching-Board-Members-for/239720 2017-04-06T10:35:00-04:00 Trustees’ connections and community clout can be invaluable for the nonprofits they serve, but these assets are often underused. Experts share their secrets on how to motivate board members to make your case to legislators and policy makers. By Maria Di Mento Opinion: Nonprofits and Foundations Must Move Fast to Battle Trump https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Opinion-Nonprofits-and/239719 2017-04-06T10:20:00-04:00 The charity world has the confidence and trust of Americans, and it’s time to put that to use to fend off draconian federal spending cuts. By Mark Rosenman Daily News Roundup: Trump Plans Could Mean 'Life and Death' for Charities https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Trump/239718 2017-04-06T09:25:00-04:00 Nonprofit leaders and lobbyists say the administration's budget plans pose an existential threat to many organizations. Also, European lawmakers call for action against Hungary's targeting of nonprofits and institutions funded by George Soros, and Britain fines major charities for "wealth screening" of donors. Daily News Roundup: Hungary Passes Bill Targeting Soros-Backed College https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Hungary/239695 2017-04-05T09:56:00-04:00 Also, Pierre Omidyar's philanthropic network commits $100 million to buttress investigative journalism and battle hate speech, and allies of Hillary Clinton say she will not be returning to her family's foundation. A Vision for Bringing Health Care to the Poor https://www.philanthropy.com/article/A-Vision-for-Bringing-Health/239647 2017-04-04T07:59:54-04:00 A medical emergency Stan Brock suffered in a remote region of South America inspired the former TV personality to create a nonprofit network of mobile clinics to serve rural areas. By Nicole Wallace How One Muslim Group Is Resetting Priorities https://www.philanthropy.com/article/How-One-Muslim-Group-Is/239681 2017-04-03T10:16:00-04:00 Rather than reacting to current events, the El-Hibri Foundation is taking a long-term approach focused on building community ties and acceptance for Muslims in America. By Alex Daniels Daily News Roundup: Anti-Planned Parenthood Activist David Daleiden Charged in Calif. https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-/239625 2017-03-29T09:58:00-04:00 Also, a federal grand jury indicts a former Texas congressman accused of steering charitable donations to personal and political use, and Harvard research suggests how companies can gain from boosting customer and employee involvement in corporate giving. Daily News Roundup: Trump Budget Could Hit Arts Programs for Veterans https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Trump/239615 2017-03-28T09:48:00-04:00 Also, George Lucas doubles the size of a University of Southern California endowment his foundation launched last year to assist budding minority filmmakers. Charity Leader Sees New Urgency for Global Outreach in Trump Era https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Charity-Leader-Sees-New/239616 2017-03-28T09:00:00-04:00 Sean Callahan, the new head of Catholic Relief Services, is determined to make private donors and government officials alike understand the value of American assistance to the world’s most vulnerable populations. By Megan O’Neil Daily News Roundup: Religious Charities' Role an Issue in Debate on Trump Budget https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Religious/239607 2017-03-27T09:58:00-04:00 Also, one of Facebook's first employees donates $75 million to boost data science at his collegiate alma mater, and affluent soon-to-be spouses put a charitable spin on registering for wedding gifts. Where Should Trump Donate His Salary? Disease Charities Get the Big Win https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Where-Should-Trump-Donate-His/239492 2017-03-24T16:05:00-04:00 Disease-research organizations, veterans groups, and a few White House antagonists such as the ACLU and Planned Parenthood top a Chronicle survey asking which nonprofit should get the president’s $400,000. By Drew Lindsay Podcast: The Surdna Foundation Pivots to Mark 100 Years of Impact https://www.philanthropy.com/resources/audio/podcast-the-surdna-foundation/6253/ 2017-03-24T08:00:00-04:00 Phil Henderson, Surdna’s president, talks about the foundation’s evolution over a century of grant making and its decision to channel $100 million, a tenth of its endowment, into impact investments. By Denver Frederick Daily News Roundup: Komen Me. Chapter Closes as Race Giving Dwindles https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Komen-Me/239569 2017-03-23T10:04:00-04:00 The breast-cancer charity's Maine affiliate pinned financial straits on shrinking Race for the Cure revenue. Also, new research shows a persistent gender gap in leadership at major art museums, and Mike Huckabee defends the National Endowment for the Arts. Turn Your Nonprofit’s Trustees Into Master Advocates https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Turn-Your-Nonprofit-s/239564 2017-03-23T08:00:00-04:00 Board members make some of the best advocates for a charity’s mission. Here’s how to make them comfortable in that role. By Maria Di Mento Grant Makers Blanket Capitol Hill Amid Deep Worries Over Taxes and Spending Cuts https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grant-Makers-Blanket-Capitol/239561 2017-03-22T10:52:00-04:00 Turnout nearly doubled for this year's Foundations on the Hill lobbying day as philanthropic leaders raised concerns about the impact of tax proposals on giving and of budget cuts on the people they serve. By Alex Daniels How to Lead Your Team Through a Stressful Time https://www.philanthropy.com/article/How-to-Lead-Your-Team-Through/239551 2017-03-22T08:00:00-04:00 Experts advise facing sources of stress head on and communicating frequently with colleagues about how you plan to address them. By Rebecca Koenig Meals on Wheels Ramps Up Advocacy Efforts Amid Uncertainty https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Meals-on-Wheels-Ramps-Up/239545 2017-03-21T09:41:00-04:00 The charity has seen a surge in donations since becoming a poster child for Trump administration budget cuts, but it is focusing less on fundraising than on educating the public and policy makers about its programs and effectiveness. By Eden Stiffman Nonprofit Leaders Respond to White House Spending Plan https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Nonprofit-Leaders-Respond-to/239527 2017-03-17T10:41:00-04:00 Environmental nonprofits are calling it a “scorched-earth budget," diverse foreign-aid groups are united in their fury, and leaders in science, education, the arts, and social services are voicing grave concerns. Daily News Roundup: Immigrants Are Afraid to Seek Food Stamps https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Immigrants/239525 2017-03-17T10:16:00-04:00 Anti-hunger advocates say immigrants who are eligible for federal assistance fear drawing the attention of immigration officials. Plus, a donor's ex-wife sues a university, saying donations were hidden assets during her divorce. Podcast: A Nonprofit Battles Hunger in Africa One Farm at a Time https://www.philanthropy.com/resources/audio/podcast-a-nonprofit-battles-h/6248/ 2017-03-17T08:00:00-04:00 The One Acre Fund’s Matt Forti discusses the social enterprise’s business-based model for helping small farmers boost yields and lift their families out of poverty. By Denver Frederick