PicoFeed The Chronicle of Philanthropy https://philanthropy.com/ 2017-04-24T16:57:35-04:00 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Grants Roundup: $20 Million From State Farm Expands Data Effort at Georgia State U. https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-20-Million/239822 2017-04-19T08:00:00-04:00 Other notable awards include $16 million from the Helmsley Charitable Trust to equip rural hospitals in the Midwest. By Rebecca Koenig 7 Reasonably Easy Things You Can Do to Improve Your Proposal https://www.philanthropy.com/article/7-Reasonably-Easy-Things-You/239777 2017-04-13T08:00:00-04:00 To better your chances of landing that big grant, write from the heart, don’t lecture readers, and find yourself a good editor. By Martin Teitel Grants Roundup: Good Ventures Gives $13.5 Million to Tackle Parasitic Infections https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-Good-Ventures/239764 2017-04-12T08:00:00-04:00 Other notable awards include $25 million to Texas A&M’s Mays Business School and $10 million to support Global Wildlife Conservation’s work protecting ecosystems and endangered species. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: Omidyar Group Pledges $100 Million to Address ‘Trust Deficit’ https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-Omidyar-Group/239694 2017-04-05T09:56:00-04:00 The funds will support investigative journalism and efforts to counter misinformation and hate speech. Other notable awards include $21 million from the Jerold B. Katz Foundation to turn medical research into practical care and $10.1 million from Taube Philanthropies to bolster a California collection of Jewish art. By Rebecca Koenig Tools for Times of Budget Cuts and Belt Tightening https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Tools-for-Times-of-Budget-Cuts/239688 2017-04-04T10:03:00-04:00 A collection of case studies, fundraising advice, and other resources for managing nonprofit finances in tough times. How One Muslim Group Is Resetting Priorities https://www.philanthropy.com/article/How-One-Muslim-Group-Is/239681 2017-04-03T10:16:00-04:00 Rather than reacting to current events, the El-Hibri Foundation is taking a long-term approach focused on building community ties and acceptance for Muslims in America. By Alex Daniels Daily News Roundup: N.Y. Charities Say State Deals Massively Underfund Services https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-NY/239559 2017-03-22T10:16:00-04:00 Groups aiming to change how New York funds human services says the state has fallen $1 billion short over six years in covering the cost of contracted programs. Also, small and midsize public radio stations ramp up major-gift fundraising, and arts advocates bring new urgency to their annual lobbying day on Capitol Hill. 5 Tips for Nonprofit Leaders to Avoid ‘Mission Creep’ https://www.philanthropy.com/article/5-Tips-for-Nonprofit-Leaders/239482 2017-03-16T08:00:00-04:00 When financial pressure or personal concern makes new causes tempting, remember where your nonprofit’s strengths lie. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: $6.5 Million Boosts Jackie Robinson Foundation Education Work https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-65-Million/239488 2017-03-15T09:48:00-04:00 Other notable awards include $10 million from the ALSAM Foundation to the University of Arizona’s pharmacy school and $2.2 million from the Charles Koch Foundation for criminal-justice research at Penn. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: William Penn Foundation Donates $15 Million for Park Project https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-William-Penn/239431 2017-03-08T11:23:00-05:00 Other notable awards include $10 million from the Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation and $1.1 million from Got Your 6 and Macy’s for programs that help veterans. By Rebecca Koenig How Big Foundations Stay Big: An Interactive Guide to Giving Rates https://www.philanthropy.com/interactives/foundation-distributions 2017-03-07T07:59:54-05:00 By law, private foundations must distribute at least 5 percent of their assets each year. This analysis of nearly 30 of the biggest foundations shows few choose to exceed that amount. By Alex Daniels Grants Roundup: Google.org Commits $11.5 Million for Criminal-Justice Reform https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-Googleorg/239360 2017-03-01T10:23:00-05:00 Other notable awards include $65 million from the Wyss Foundation for parks and conservation work in Africa. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: Citi Takes Jobs Program Global; Lilly Backs Vietnam Memorial Expansion https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-Citi-Takes/239257 2017-02-22T08:00:00-05:00 The Citi Foundation commits another $100 million to its career-training Pathways to Progress effort, and the Lilly Endowment gives $10 million to help build an education center at the Washington monument to Vietnam veterans. By Rebecca Koenig Aetna Foundation Leader Attacks Health Woes as a Social Problem https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Aetna-Foundation-Leader/239215 2017-02-16T08:46:00-05:00 Garth Graham is focusing grant making on issues like violence and access to fresh food that can have a big impact on public health. By Alex Daniels MacArthur Names 8 Semifinalists in $100 Million Grant Competition https://www.philanthropy.com/article/MacArthur-Names-8/239203 2017-02-15T11:55:00-05:00 The Carter Center, Catholic Relief Services, and Sesame Workshop are among the groups still in the running in the foundation’s open-ended "big bet" contest to solve a pressing world problem. By Megan O’Neil Grants Roundup: National Christian Foundation Donates Mass. School Campus https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-National/239202 2017-02-15T10:24:00-05:00 Other notable awards include $8 million for Onward Israel and $4 million for education programs at Lincoln Center. By Rebecca Koenig 5 Steps to Building Ties with Corporate Employees https://www.philanthropy.com/resources/checklist/5-steps-to-building-ties-with/6228/ 2017-02-14T08:00:00-05:00 Volunteer help, pro bono support, and eventually money can come from building ties with employees at companies. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: $279 Million From Gates Backs Health-Data Work https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-279-Million/239140 2017-02-08T08:00:00-05:00 Other notable awards include $2.5 million from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to advance diversity in Philadelphia music-education programs. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: Cornell’s College of Business Gets $150 Million https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-Cornell-s/239071 2017-02-01T10:09:00-05:00 Other notable grants include $2 million from the James M. Cox Foundation to renovate the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta and $1.5 million from the Omidyar Network to the Nigerian organization BudgIT. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: Stella Artois Gives Nearly $5 Million to Water.org https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-Stella-Artois/238997 2017-01-25T09:45:00-05:00 Other recent grants include nearly $10 million from the M.J. Murdoch Trust for 50 organizations and $3.2 million from the Episcopal Health Foundation for medical programs for the poor. By Rebecca Koenig 5 Ways College Fundraisers Can Help Academics Attract Big Gifts https://www.philanthropy.com/article/5-Ways-College-Fundraisers-Can/238945 2017-01-19T14:19:00-05:00 Development offices can help deans and professors overcome their aversion to raising money by taking it a step at a time, starting with understanding the academic mind-set. By David D. Perlmutter Grants Roundup: $25 Million From Koch Groups Backs Research at Black Colleges https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-25-Million/238921 2017-01-18T10:36:00-05:00 Other notable awards include $10 million from the Koret Foundation for Israel’s Beit Hatfutsot museum and nearly $10 million from the Gates Foundation to broaden access to birth control in developing countries. By Rebecca Koenig Nonprofits Scramble as GOP Vows Spending Cuts https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Nonprofits-Scramble-as-GOP/238862 2017-01-11T10:40:00-05:00 Charities that rely on federal funding worry that a Republican Congress and White House spell deep cuts in funding for their programs, although some say the fears may be overblown. By Megan O’Neil Grants Roundup: $28 Million Award Backs Teacher Education in Miss. https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-28-Million/238861 2017-01-11T10:38:00-05:00 Other notable grants include $3.75 million from the Ford Foundation for artists’ housing and $3 million from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to help Wikipedia make educational media more publicly accessible. By Rebecca Koenig Foundation Gives Young Women Chance to Make Grant Decisions https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Foundation-Gives-Young-Women/238790 2017-01-03T10:11:00-05:00 A new fellowship in New York City lets teens call the shots on which nonprofits to fund. By Rebecca Koenig Challenging Sacred Cows and Killing Jargon: Our Most Popular Articles of 2016 https://www.philanthropy.com/specialreport/challenging-sacred-cows-and-ki/124 2016-12-29T08:00:00-05:00 In a year full of changes and big questions for nonprofits, Chronicle readers looked for unconventional wisdom and evidence of ideas that work. Grants Roundup: $20 Million From St. David’s Foundation Supports Tex. Health Care https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-20-Million/238756 2016-12-28T10:51:00-05:00 Other notable awards include $2.5 million from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to develop new arthritis treatments. By Rebecca Koenig Trump Win Prompts New Fund to Offer Speedy Grants https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Trump-Win-Prompts-New-Fund-to/238747 2016-12-22T11:52:00-05:00 Two donor networks teamed up to create a fund designed to quickly distribute money to nonprofits and activists working to protect vulnerable people. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: Marin Fund Donates $32 Million Photo Trove, Cleveland Foundation Backs Education Programs https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-Marin-Fund/238731 2016-12-21T08:08:00-05:00 Other notable awards include $10 million from the Joyce Foundation for work in employment, gun-violence prevention, and other areas and $5 million from the MacArthur Foundation to support documentary filmmaking. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: $75 Million From Mulva Fund Boosts U. of Texas Medicine https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-75-Million/238670 2016-12-14T10:05:00-05:00 Other notable awards include $6 million from the Lilly Endowment for job programs at three historically black colleges and $5.5 million from the John A. Hartford Foundation to advance health care for seniors. By Rebecca Koenig Grants Roundup: Group for Jewish Students Gets $48 Million https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-Group-for/238592 2016-12-07T09:58:00-05:00 Among the three donations to Hillel International was a $38 million grant from the Marcus Foundation to recruit, train, and hold on to skilled employees for its branches at college campuses By Rebecca Koenig Foundation Chiefs Say They Need to Make Sweeping Changes https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Foundation-Chiefs-Say-They/238575 2016-12-05T10:03:00-05:00 In surveys and interviews, grant makers say they need to listen more to the charities they support and the people those charities serve. By Alex Daniels Grants Roundup: $100 Million From Penn Fund Backs Philadelphia Public-Spaces Project https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-100-Million/238537 2016-11-30T10:24:00-05:00 Plus, the Hewlett Foundation commits $50 million for river restoration in the West and the Helmsley Trust gives $25 million to study chronic inflammation. By Rebecca Koenig 10 Insider Tips for Winning Grants https://www.philanthropy.com/resources/checklist/10-insider-tips-for-winning-gr/6151/ 2016-11-29T09:45:00-05:00 Advice from grant makers on how to improve your chances of getting funded. By Eden Stiffman Grants Roundup: Brown Med School Gets $27 Million; $2 Million Backs Ill. Prairie Project https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-Brown-Med/238426 2016-11-16T09:59:00-05:00 Other notable awards include $10 million from law firm K&L Gates for research at Carnegie Mellon University on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. By Rebecca Koenig