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  • Executive Leadership

    A Grant Makers Association and a Center for Nonprofits Merged: Here’s What They Learned

    Mississippi’s association of grant makers and its center for nonprofits joined forces to form the Mississippi Alliance of Nonprofits and Philanthropy. The new group is founded on the premise that nonprofits and grant makers have shared goals. The new leader shares lessons from the merger.
  • Video

    The Great Nonprofit Leadership Turnover

    As nonprofits struggle with high levels of staff turnover and fierce competition for leaders, a group of experts joined the Chronicle to discuss how to train and retain chief executives and how to cope with the so-called Great Resignation.
  • Management and Leadership

    Humanize Your Hiring Process — Here’s Why and How

    Six ways one nonprofit has improved its recruiting — such as highlighting skills rather than credentials, including salary ranges in job ads, and making interviews more equitable.
  • The Changing Nonprofit Workplace

    What Young Nonprofit Workers Want

    Good pay, work-life balance, professional growth, and equitable workplaces are priorities. In a hiring crisis, nonprofits would be smart to pay attention.
  • Video

    How to Hire and Retain Top-Quality Workers

    Two nonprofit leaders and the CEO of an executive search firm discuss the recruiting climate, hiring trends, and tactics that are working to retain talented nonprofit professionals in a tight labor market.
  • Advice

    Why We Should Rethink Credit Checks for Job Candidates

    The unfair practice hampers efforts to attract top talent and build diverse staffs, say two foundation leaders.
  • Video

    How to Lead With Courage in Difficult Times

    To help leaders recharge and gear up for 2022, the Chronicle hosted two expert guests in the online briefing Leading Courageously in Unparalleled Times. Watch the video or read the summary.
  • Video

    How to Hire Leaders of Color: Firsthand Advice

    Listen to the people your nonprofit serves, think differently about the qualifications that would best serve your nonprofit’s mission, and provide ongoing support without getting in the way.
  • Video

    How to Diversify Your Staff: Nonprofit Leaders Share Views

    Nonprofits often need to change the way their recruit and hire job applicants, re-examine pay structures, and uproot other established practices, said experts at a Chronicle briefing.
  • Video

    To Attract Talented Fundraisers of Color, Get Your House in Order

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion must be at the core of your organization — and must be genuine — if you want to attract more donors of color.
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