April 04, 2017

How Today's Stars Are Raising Charitable Dollars Online

The pool of public personalities nonprofits can partner with to generate attention and money has swelled thanks to digital channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. This special report explains is how some groups are tapping stars and new online tools to maximize their messages — and their fundraising.

April 04, 2017

Stars Align for Small Charities to Raise Big Money Online

Several for-profit companies are making it easy for nonprofits to connect with A-list celebrities for digital campaigns. But there are pitfalls, and it's often not clear who benefits the most.

April 04, 2017

Celebrity Philanthropists: Which Ones Go the Extra Mile

Alec Baldwin, Taylor Swift, Michael Jordan, and others have all given big sums to causes they care about.

April 04, 2017

What It Takes to Make Charity-Celebrity Partnerships Work

Charity leaders and the stars themselves dish about the ins and outs of working with big names to raise big money.

January 04, 2017

Hollywood Producer's Nonprofit Helps Ex-Inmates Forge New Paths

Scott Budnick, a key player on the Hangover movies, sidelined his film career to go behind bars and help troubled young men turn their lives around.

May 26, 2016

How a Charity Made the Most of a Celebrity Supporter’s TV Appearance — After Years of Patience

The Fistula Foundation maximized a comedian’s decision to donate his winnings from Jeopardy.

March 05, 2015

Social-Media Stars Ascend as Top Partners for Nonprofits

Tyler Oakley is part of the growing crop of Internet sensations who present big opportunities, and big risks, for charities seeking to boost awareness and fundraising.

April 21, 2015

What to Consider Before Holding a Celebrity Fundraising Event

Bringing a star to your event could attract attention and money — but it could also become a disaster without careful planning. Here’s what to think about.

March 30, 2017

Facebook Expands Charity Fundraising Tools for Celebrities and Corporations

The company is also taking a page from the playbook of crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe and expanding its features to allow fundraising for personal reasons.

November 02, 2011

Celebrities May Be Overrated as Online Fund Raisers

Ashton Kutcher, Kanye West, and other big-name celebrities don’t do as much good for charity on social networks as less-famous people, a new study finds.