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Online Giving: Maximize Your Digital Donors

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Online donations grew steadily in 2013, far faster than overall giving to charities, and experts expect this upward trend to continue. How can your nonprofit better capitalize on the growth in online donations, especially as mobile devices grow more popular?

Join The Chronicle for a look at the latest trends and techniques that successful nonprofits use to attract more donors and contributions online. Gain insights from The Chronicle’s new Online Giving Survey and learn how even small investments can boost the number of online donors and the amount of money your organization raises.

You’ll learn how the Sierra Club bolstered online donations to the charity by more than 30 percent from 2012 to 2013 by testing and identifying the most effective email subject lines, social-media messaging, and landing pages, among other elements. Molly Brooksbank, who oversees the environmental group’s online fundraising, will explain how her organization adjusted its approach to online campaigns to achieve better results, and she’ll offer advice on how to optimize your website to draw supporters, gauge which issues donors and volunteers care about most, and use technology to raise more money.

You’ll also hear how GlobalGiving has used several simple techniques to drive 20 percent growth in online donations for each of the last four years.  Kevin Conroy, GlobalGiving’s chief product officer, will show you how to improve the experience every online donor encounters and how to lift giving rates.  He’ll also share several innovative techniques that you can use to boost online donations even if your organization has a small budget and few technology resources.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to increase donations by testing different elements of an online appeal.
  • How to streamline donation pages for easier online and mobile giving.
  • How to use data about a donor’s online activity to boost giving and tailor appeals to a donor’s preferences.
Who Should Attend?
  • Online marketers and fundraisers
  • Chief development officers and development directors
  • Digital strategists, Web managers,  and online community managers
Molly  Brooksbank
Molly Brooksbank
Senior Director of Digital Engagement

Sierra Club

Kevin  Conroy
Kevin Conroy
Chief Product Officer


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