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Numbers and Your Story: Use Data to Attract Donors

Price: $96

As big data evolves, we’ll delve into how charities can use public and programmatic data to demonstrate their value and convince donors to support their work.

The session will explain how to identify, understand, and present data and show you how to use data to demonstrate the value of your mission, raise more money, and reach more people.

This one-hour session is geared toward groups that want to develop a more strategic approach to data collection and analysis and are seeking guidance on how to most effectively share data with supporters.

Our nonprofit experts will explain how measurement and evaluation can lead to improvements in your programs—thereby boosting your overall impact—and offer some surprising insights into the best data to collect. 

You’ll hear directly from Maggie Grieve, vice president of Success Measures, who will offer guidance on how to create a practical plan for data collection that can be reasonably and consistently followed over time. She’ll also explain why you should tell donors and potential donors not only what your work has accomplished, but how you are using what you’ve learned to enhance the next steps that they can invest in. 

Deborah Youngblood, vice president of research and innovation at Crittenton Women’s Union, will share how her organization attracted new national grant makers through data collection and how data helps drive improvements to the group’s programs as well. She’ll also offer realistic guidance on the amount of resources and time needed to become data driven.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to inspire donors (and motivate your staff) with data that shows your organization’s impact.
  • How to present compelling statistics while telling powerful stories.
  • How to use key data to demonstrate the critical need for your nonprofit’s work, in appealing and easy to understand ways.


Who Should Attend?
  • Chief development officers, development directors, and fundraisers
  • Communications and marketing professionals
  • Social-media and online marketing managers
  • Research and data professionals and program managers

Margaret  Grieve
Margaret Grieve
Vice President

Success Measures, NeighborWorks America

Deborah  Connolly Youngblood
Deborah Connolly Youngblood
Vice President, Research and Innovation

Crittenton Women’s Union

Nancy Kopf
Nancy Kopf
Senior Manager, Evaluation Services

Success Measures, NeighborWorks America

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