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Craft Fundraising Appeals That Inspire Action

Price: $96

Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy for a hands-on session that will use real-world examples to show you how you can improve your own direct-mail and online appeals to be sure they prompt an outpouring of donations from new and loyal supporters alike.

Lynne Wester, one of the nation’s most well-respected fundraisers, will critique appeals submitted by Webinar participants, highlighting strengths and offering insights into how to make them more compelling to produce better results. She will explore what is working best in direct-mail and online fundraising today, and share insights into how donor expectations are changing.  

Ms. Wester also will explain how to make the most of every element of your fundraising appeal—from design and visuals, to storytelling, to tone and message, to e-mail subject lines and envelope teasers―regardless of your mission.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to create fundraising appeals that focus on the donor to raise more money
  • How to show donors how their money is making a difference to your cause
  • How to coordinate the messaging of your online and direct-mail campaigns for better results
Who Should Attend?
  • Chief development officers, development directors, and other fundraisers
  • Communications directors and online marketers
  • Executive directors
Lynne Wester
Lynne Wester
Director of Alumni Programs and Engagement

UNC Charlotte

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