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Donor Relations: Making the Most of Mid-Level Donors

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Mid-level donors can fall through the cracks at many nonprofits. Often these donors don’t get attention because they aren’t the responsibility of people who oversee big gifts or mass solicitations. However, overlooking them could be a big mistake. 

No matter how your organization defines a mid-level gift, whether it is $500 or $5,000, middle donors are often a charity’s most loyal supporters with the greatest potential to give more. Yet few nonprofits have a fundraising strategy for them.

Learn how to attract and engage middle donors at your nonprofit, and ultimately inspire them to give more, by joining The Chronicle and our fundraising experts for a one-hour online session that will showcase effective ways to cultivate middle donors.     

You’ll hear from consultant Alia McKee of Sea Changes Strategies who will share proven approaches for kick starting a middle-donor program, give pointers on how to increase gifts, and outline the key elements of a successful mid-level giving program. She’ll also share lessons learned from young and mature programs.

In addition, two executives from American Farmland Trust will share how they are increasing revenue from the group’s “Barnraisers,” donors who give $1,000 to $9,999; why they are developing a new program for donors in the $250 to $999-range; and how both programs are providing a pipeline for major gifts. They also will explain how they collected and analyzed their donor data, developed a series of benchmarks, and set goals to improve retention and move more donors from mid-level to major gifts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get smart strategies for engaging these important supporters.

What Will You Learn?
  • How appeals sent to mid-level donors should differ from those sent to supporters who give smaller sums.
  • Creative ways to thank mid-level donors and get them more involved.
  • Proven tactics to increase giving among these generous donors.


Who Should Attend?
  • Chief development officers, development directors, and major gifts officers
  • Communications directors and online marketers
  • Executive directors


What Resources Will You Receive?

  Checklist: 6 Steps to Building a Program for Midlevel Donors

People who give $1,000 to $10,000 represent only 1% of donors at many charities, but they often give more than a third of the money raised. Here’s how to attract them to your nonprofit.

Alia McKee
Alia McKee

Sea Change Strategies

Susan Sink
Susan Sink
Vice President of Development & External Relations

American Farmland Trust

Gretchen Mais
Gretchen Mais
Director of Development and External Relations

American Farmland Trust

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