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Help College Deans and Department Heads Raise Money

Includes Resource  
Price: $325

Join us for a practical session that will give you or your advancement team strategies for helping deans and department heads accept and successfully execute fundraising responsibilities.

You’ll hear directly from David D. Perlmutter, a professor and college dean with more than seven years of fundraising experience, who manages academic, leadership, and fundraising duties on a daily basis. He’ll share first-hand insights into the academic mindset and give you effective tactics you can use to motivate and empower deans and other academic leaders.

Through real-world examples, he’ll explain how to turn the challenges of working with academics into opportunities. He’ll show you how to build a professor or dean’s confidence by translating their skill sets and expertise into fundraising strengths, and he’ll explain how to win their respect.  He’ll offer strategies you can employ right away to improve your – and your academic partners’ – fundraising outcomes.   

And as an added bonus, you’ll receive the premium resource, 5 Ways Fundraisers Can Help Academics Attract Big Gifts.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to better understand how academic leaders view fundraising.
  • How to help academics adapt their skill sets to fundraising.
  • How to give deans information that will help them secure gifts.
Who Should Attend?
  • Advancement Professionals
  • Development Directors
  • Major Gifts Officers
What Resources Will You Receive?

5 Ways College Fundraisers Can Help Academics Attract Big Gifts

A comprehensive, exclusive article listing five steps you can take to help academics overcome their reluctance to fundraise and empower them to secure gifts.

David D. Perlmutter
David D. Perlmutter
Dean and Professor, College of Media and Communication

Texas Tech University

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