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Grant Seeking

Winning Grants From Family Foundations

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Hone your understanding of philanthropists who give through family foundations and increase your odds of winning a grant from them.

You’ll hear directly from two people who manage family funds  Vera Bowen, president of the Shield-Ayres Foundation, and Deborah Iarussi, director of the Sills Family Foundation  who will share their perspectives on grant making and what works best when nonprofits apply for grants.

Leslie Pine, managing partner of the Philanthropic Initiative, will offer strategies for finding family foundations interested in your mission and offer insights into giving habits of wealthy donors and how the current political climate is affecting philanthropy. 

Join us for a candid discussion with Ms. Bowen, Ms. Iarussi, and Ms. Pine in which you’ll get insights into how these grant makers select grantees, evaluate projects, and prefer to be approached.

We’ll also share findings from Philanthropy 50, The Chronicle’s annual ranking of the 50 most generous philanthropists in the United States, so you can understand the latest trends in charitable giving.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to identify family foundations interested in your cause.
  • Key ways that family philanthropy differs from grant making at larger foundations.
  • How to smartly convey the impact of your organization to busy philanthropists.


Who Should Attend?
  • Grant-Proposal Writers
  • Directors of Foundation Relations
  • Chief Development Officers, Development Directors, and Fundraisers
What Resources Will You Receive?

  Checklist: 20 Steps for Grant Proposal Writing

A checklist to ensure you've done everything necessary to write a compelling grant proposal, adapted from the book How to Say It: Grantwriting by Deborah S. Koch.

Vera Ayers Bowen
Vera Ayers Bowen

Shield-Ayres Foundation

Deborah Iarussi
Deborah Iarussi

Sills Family Foundation

Leslie Pine
Leslie Pine
Managing Partner

The Philanthropic Initiative

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