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Raise Money From Corporate Employees

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Corporate volunteers, workplace giving, and corporate employee groups, all provide valuable support to nonprofits and can even open the door to corporate grant makers. Yet employee groups are overlooked by many nonprofit fundraisers who turn to companies for support. 

These networks often bring together coworkers from the same racial or ethnic backgrounds or those with shared allegiances or interests to raise money for, and draw attention to, charities and the local or national problems they address.

A few savvy nonprofits have figured out how to connect with these employees, and you can learn from the leader of one such group, The Trevor Project, and a corporate executive in the next Chronicle of Philanthropy webinar.  

You’ll get tips and advice from the deputy executive director of the group, which works to prevent suicides by LGBT youth, and has formed alliances and raised big sums from Twitter, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America to name a few. Steve Mendelsohn will explain how the nonprofit works to continuously expand its network of corporate employees and offer advice on how to manage these ties.

Rachel Tappis, an executive at The Advisory Board Company who works closely with affinity groups and “cause communities” at the consulting firm, will explain how their employees support nonprofits and offer guidance on how nonprofits can reach such groups.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to raise awareness of your organization among affinity groups that align with your mission.
  • Ways to connect with members of employee groups and develop long-term ties.
  • How relationships with corporate employees can blossom into larger and more lucrative partnerships.
Who Should Attend?
  • Chief development officers and development directors
  • Managers of corporate partnerships, corporate relations, or new business development
  • Executive directors
What Resources Will You Receive?

A Key to Getting Corporate Money? Find Employees to Champion Your Cause

Find out how employees can be the conduit to corporate dollars

Rachel Tappis
Rachel Tappis
Director of Community Impact

The Advisory Board Company

Steve Mendelsohn
Steve Mendelsohn
Deputy Executive Director

The Trevor Project

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