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Make Everyone at Your Nonprofit a Fundraiser

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Join us to learn how to inspire your board, volunteers, and all staff members to share responsibility for fundraising. You’ll get a look inside a nonprofit that has successfully mobilized its board, staff, and volunteers to build donor relationships with donors and seek donations.

Learn from two nonprofit experts who will share proven tips and tactics for fostering collaboration among fundraisers, program staff, and board members – and see how these new approaches are garnering more dollars.

You’ll learn how Kris Hermanns, chief executive of the Pride Foundation, sparked a reorganization at her nonprofit five years ago that led to a significant growth in revenue. The changes led to a 38 percent increase in the number of new donors, and donor retention improved by 9 percent.

She’ll share advice on how to restructure staff, allocate resources, and set everyone up for fundraising success – from the board chair to program staff.

Jeanne Bell of CompassPoint will join Ms. Hermanns in walking through the steps to take – from assessing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, to shifting mindsets and redefining board and staff roles, to providing training and tools to ensure a consistent approach.

They’ll also offer tips to increase your odds of success, identify pitfalls to watch out for, and provide tools and templates you can adapt to help guide your transition.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to assess your organization’s aptitude for sharing fundraising duties
  • Steps to take to guide your nonprofit in this new direction
  • How to develop measurable goals to ensure success
Who Should Attend?
  • Online marketers and direct-response fundraisers
  • Development directors
  • Annual campaign managers
What Resources Will You Receive?

  Checklist: 12 Steps to Building a Culture of Philanthropy

Here's how to involve more employees in raising money at your nonprofit.

Also included:

  • 8 Questions to Ask Before Building a Culture of Philanthropy at Your Nonprofit

Jeanne Bell
Jeanne Bell
Chief Executive Officer


Kris A. Hermanns
Kris A. Hermanns
Chief Executive Officer

Pride Foundation

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