November 12, 2014

3 Steps to Securing Big Gifts

Meet with potential donors several times before making the ask, say two experts.

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In this episode of Fundraising Fundamentals, two experts share their tips for successful major-gift fundraising, including creating a toolkit for fundraisers, setting monthly benchmarks, and creating a dialogue with potential donors to find the intersection between their interests and the organization’s needs.

The Guests:

  • Peter Heller of Peter J. Heller Consulting, which serves nonprofits with capital campaigns
  • Beth Silverberg, director of individual and corporate giving at Sciencenter, a hands-on science museum in Ithaca, New York

Tony Martignetti, a consultant, author, blogger, and host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, talks with nonprofit leaders and consultants about how organizations can more effectively raise money, build better relationships with boards and supporters, and manage volunteers. Look for new installments once a month.