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May 27, 2015

City Hall Budget Fight Hampers Funding for NYC Charities

Catholic Charities and other New York City social-service agencies are losing tens of thousands of dollars in city funds this summer because of a procurement dispute between Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration and the City Council, writes the New York Daily News.

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens received $21,000 from the city for its services for seniors in the July-September quarter of 2014 but is slated to get $2,400 for the same period this year. Dozens of other nonprofits are facing similar cuts amid wrangling over former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's policy of permanently including numerous charities in the city's budget.

The de Blasio administration says that the policy violates procurement rules that prohibit the city from financing the groups without seeking bids to find out if others could do the same work for less money. With a July 1 deadline looming, City Hall has yet to issue bid paperwork to the groups and offered to pay for their work through the summer, but at lower levels. The City Council is urging the mayor's office to maintain payments at previous levels.