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November 12, 2015

Energy-Drink Billionaire Pledges to Give Away Fortune

The creator of a 5-hour Energy drinks has publicly committed to donating 99 percent of his estimated $4 billion fortune to efforts to tackle global problems, Quartz writes. Manoj Bhargava made the pledge in Billions in Change, a self-produced film he released online last month.

Mr. Bhargava said he will put a large share of his wealth into Stage 2 Innovations, a design and engineering laboratory at his corporate headquarters in Michigan that aims to develop technologies to deliver clean energy and clean water and provide livelihoods for people in the developing world. 

A native of India, Mr. Bhargava worked a variety of odd jobs early in his career — including taxi driver, construction worker, and printing-press operator — before launching the popular line of caffeine-based energy drinks in 2004.